A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Paper Doll is a fictional story about a teenage trans girl learning what it means to be a woman, told partly through a dress-up game.

It's a short game. There's about 4000 words of writing and 3 scenes. Created by me (@LilyBelmira).

Hope you like it!


Drag/Click to do things 

Escape to quit

Warning for: references to misogyny, transmisogyny specifically, and violence.


Paper Doll (PC).zip 26 MB
Paper Doll (Mac).zip 28 MB


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Very much enjoyed this window into a perspective that I can relate to. It really helped put my mind at ease, and remind me of what's possible.

Thank you. I'm glad it helped you 💜


This made me feel more comfortable in my own skin and that is so important. It's so relatable and comfy. I wish it were longer or maybe had a more conclusive ending, but I like it for what it is


Thank you this is a really sweet comment




into it! ive thought of utilizing dress-up mechanics in a larger game scheme before (but i have no coding or drawing skill so its tables for now lol), and i like the way u did it here.

the little bits about each article of clothing was a beautiful touch. i liked the way u werent afraid to let the character have ideas she disagreed with later!

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I am sure that the game is awesome, but whenever I open it the game looks like this, so I can't read the text... 
It's probablly my PCs fault, but I really wanted to play this game T-T

Oh I guess I allowed the game to be run at resolutions it wasn't made for. I changed it if you want to redownload!

Thank you very much. 


I really liked this. The writing is really good (and very relatable) and the way the story is presented is really cool.  Thank you for making this.


I've never seen a hybrid dress-up/visual novel, it's a really neat concept and I like how it gives influence on how each scene looks. The writing is great too, it feels really genuine and relatable :)

Your other game says it's a collection of actual diary entries you wrote in the past, is this game that way too or did you write everything just for this?


This game is totally fictional! It's written from the perspective of a character I made up.


Very minimal design, but the writing is fantastic, and I love the customization. Well done! <3

I'm glad you liked it Froey!

I was running this and when it go up to the third bit, it started getting progressively more white before suddenly dumping back to the start menu. Is that all the content and there simply isn't an ending screen, or is there something going wrong?

Yeah that's the end of the game!


Alright, cool, I wasn't sure since the transition was really sudden!

hey so im having problems running the game?

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Oh no! What happens when you try to run it? And are you on windows or mac?

Edit: Other people aren't having this problem, my guess is that windows defender caught it and you need to click Run Anyway.. Tell me if that works!