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A woman you're interested in invites you over after a date. Then, she pulls out a deck of tarot cards.

In the Cards is a game about intuition, matched sets, and being different. It is also about two women who really really like each other.

Created by:

Lily Belmira (@LilyBelmira) - Coding and art

& Aiden Ramirez-Tatum - Writing and art


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In the Cards (PC).zip 70 MB
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Is there any way to make a version with a lower resolution? 

My computer can't run it the way it is now. 

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:O The unity launcher has built in resolution / quality settings. I'm kind of busy right now but I'll look into ways of reducing lag soon and upload a new version!

The unity quality setting don't scale the assets with them so the result is that I can't click anything even with it scaled down. If you have an email address I can send you a video of the problem so that you can fix it. 

image of error

Here is essentially what happens. In this way it's barely playable but at certain resolutions I can't actually click start. 


i <333 the taort deck in this game! when i saw the ace of cups i was like oh my god bc its so obviously a ring of keys moment on that card... i feel like i can really get into their world because this tarot is so filled with like... clarity. the chariot reversed!!! i heard a while ago that meant car trouble... this is a good game

"I appreciate this so much, I really tried to use tarot as a way to expand understanding of the story in a different dimension -- it’s so rad that came through! Thank you so much for playing!" - aiden